Wladimir Klitschko - Anthony Joshua (2017)

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The World Organization of boxing under the WBA title decided to sanction the fight between Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine representative and a representative of Britain's Anthony Joshua. It follows that if the fight takes place, the winner will be the title of the "superchampion" the WBA league in the heavyweight division. Chairman of the organization Mendoza has recently confirmed these data. It is expected that the fight Klitschko - Joshua will take place next spring. I would like to remind you that the last owner of the WBA title cuperchempiona named Tyson Fury has recently renounced his honorary title. That was two months ago.
Earlier Klitschko was injured, because this year the ring no longer appears. The boxer said he was going to return to the ring next spring.
Prior to the information official promoter Joshua stressed that Vladimir and Anthony concluded an agreement, because you only get permission authorizing authorities.
And just a few days of peace himself Klitschko told his thoughts about the future of the famous champion from Britain, IBF Joshua. Vladimir also noted the possibility of such a fight with his last sparring partner. Klitschko has listed several contemporary famous boxers and said that all of them - only a faint shadow of Anthony. Joshua has a chic potential and talent in the words of an athlete. Vladimir said that he felt something special in addition, because believes that Anthony will become a real champion. After him.
Klitschko noted that Joshua still have a lot to learn and gain experience, but it captures everything on the fly when the athlete to train together. Vladimir also emphasized that it can not accurately predict whether they will come together in a fight against each other, since this moment depends on a huge number of different factors, including the state of health of the Klitschko and Joshua rating.
One can only hope that such a magnificent duel will take place, and soon will be available the new heavyweight champion.

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